Best Hip Doctors in India
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01 Dr. IPS Oberoi Haryana, India -- 8527510866 One of the first and among only few surgeons to start minimally invasive reconstructive surgery that is Key Hole surgery (Arthroscopy) for Shoulder, Knee, Elbow, Hip and Ankle problems.
02 Dr Vijay C Bose Chennai, India -- 9840032251 Dr. C Vijay Bose provides a referral based service for complex hip, knee and shoulder problems, He has delivered numerous guest lectures in various International conferences and performed live surgical demonstrations in hip, knee and shoulder surgeries all over Asia.
03 Dr. Harshavardhan Hegde Delhi, India -- 9910683741 Dr. Harshavardhan Hegde is an Orthopaedic Surgeon of repute specializes in Spinal Surgery & Joint Replacement.
04 Dr. Ashok Rajgopal Haryana, India -- 9820158406 Dr Ashok Rajgopal is an extremely prolific surgeon, credited with around 10,000 arthrosocpic and more than 3,200 total knee arthroplastic surgeries.
05 Dr. Ameet Pispati Maharashtra, India -- 9821030535 Dr. Ameet Pispati is renowned surgeon for his exceptional work in India, he works in Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai and is one of the best orthopedic surgeons that patients look for.
06 Dr. Pradeep Bapurao Maharashtra, India -- 2226286688 Dr. (Prof) Pradeep Bhosale is a well known orthopedics & Joint Replacement surgeon in Mumbai with more than 34+ years of experience in his field.
07 Dr. AB Govindaraj Chennai, India -- 9176381180 Most experienced Dr. A. B. Govindaraj is known for his exceptional work of orthopedic and joint replacement surgeries with over 35+ years of experience in the field of orthopedic surgery.
08 Dr. Rakesh Mahajan Delhi, India -- 1171791090 Dr. Rakesh Mahajan is the most leading name in the field of orthopedics, and he is acknowledged for his patient centric approach.
09 Dr. Vikram I Shah Gujarat, India --- 7940203111 Dr. Vikram Shah is a visionary entrepreneur and founder chairman and managing director of Shalby Hospital at Ahmedabad.
10 Dr. Kaushal Malhan Maharashtra, India --- 2249254925 Dr. Kaushal Malhan is an expert surgeon in India well kwon for is expertise. He is pioneer in minimal invasive techniques of joint replacement surgery used to fasten the recovery of patient, that allows reduced tissue damage.
Best Hip Doctors in USA
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01 Dr. Richard A. Berger United States -- +13124322557 Dr. Musa Korkmaz serves his patients at Medical Park Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital.
02 Dr. Stulberg S David MD Chicago, United States -- +13126646848 Dr. S. David Stulberg is a Board Certified orthopaedic surgeon, concentrating in total joint replacement of the knee and hip.
03 Dr. Nicholas C. Frisch Chicago, United States -- +17732351915 Dr. Nicholas C. Frisch is an orthopedist in Chicago, Illinois and is affiliated with Amita Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center Chicago.
04 Dr. Tad L. Gerlinger Chicago, United States -- +13122434244 COL(Ret) Gerlinger was commissioned from the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York and awarded a Bachelor of Science degree.
05 Dr. Brett R. Levine Chicago, United States - +13124322466 Dr. Brett Levine is an Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in Hip and Knee Reconstruction and Replacement.
06 Dr. Henry Finn United States -- +17735645881 Henry Finn, MD, is a leader in joint replacement surgery — having performed more than 9,000 surgical procedures.
07 Dr. Michael D. Stover Chicago, United States -- +13126956800 Dr. Stover is an internationally recognized lecturer regarding topics in hip and pelvis reconstruction, especially fractures of the acetabulum and pelvis.
08 Dr. Michael Abdulian United States -- +18188634446 Dr. Abdulian specializes in open and arthroscopic treatment of the shoulder, hip and knee. He is well trained in joint preservation as well as joint replacement.
09 Dr. James Chen California, United States --- +14159003000 James Chen, MD is a fellowship-trained, general orthopaedic surgeon with a focus on sports-related injuries.
10 Dr. Shahan V. Yacoubian United States --- +18188413936 Dr. Shahan V. Yacoubian is an orthopedist in Burbank, California and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Providence St. Joseph Medical Center-Burbank and Adventist Health Glendale.
Best Hip Doctors in Europe
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01 Dr Mehmet Aydogan Turkey -- +905052305778 He was born in 1972. After completing his secondary and high school education, he started his medical education at Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 1990 and received his Doctor of Medicine diploma in 1996.
02 Dr jacek laskowski Poland -- +48223558200 The people who consult with the doctor want conditions in their musculoskeletal system resolved. Bones, ligaments, joints or tendons related conditions or injuries are specialised in by the doctor.
03 Dr. Haluk Çelik Turkey -- +908504746036 Associate Professor Haluk Celik, graduated from Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine and completed his specialty training in the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital between 2009 and 2014.
04 Dr. med. Clayton N. Kraft Germany -- +492151322608 Prof. Dr. Clayton Kraft is one of the most recognized orthopedician and traumatologist of Germany working as the head of the orthopedic and trauma center of Helios Krefeld.
05 Dr. İ. Teoman BENLİ Turkey - +902165541500 He was born in 1963 in Isparta. He completed his primary and secondary education in Ankara and graduated from Ankara Science High School in 1980.
06 Dr. Musa Korkmaz Turkey -- +908503338344 Dr. Musa Korkmaz serves his patients at Medical Park Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital.
07 Dr. Kayhan Turan Turkey -- +905059991777 Dr. Kayhan Turan is a well-known Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon with 29+ years of experience.
08 Dr. Yusuf Onur Kızılay Turkey -- +908503338344 Kiss. Dr. Yusuf Onur Kızılay graduated from Ankara Gazi University Faculty of Medicine in 2008.
09 Dr. Murat Kezer Turkey -- +908504333921 Op. Dr. Murat Kezer successfully completed his residency training at Yüzüncü Yıl University Faculty of Medicine between 2002-2008.
10 Dr. Burak Önvural Turkey -- +905322859451 Op.Dr.Burak Önvural was born in 1981 in İzmir. He completed his high school education in İzmir Private Turkish College Anatolian High School in 1999.


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