The patient is taken to the observation room after surgery for observation. Special attention will be given to blood flow and sensation in the feet and legs. When the patients awaken and condition is stabilized he will be transferred from the observation room to his room. Patient is discharged from the hospital after five to seven days with a walking device. While at home, patient should continue to walk with the help of walking device unless been asked by the surgeon to not to use the support. The patient should take care of their weight problems that may arise and strictly follow the hip precautions for few months after the surgery.

Before getting discharged from the hospital the patient will receive specific precaution from the surgeon, the doctor will help the patient to adjust to recovery in every way possible. Safe techniques for daily activities at home are taught to the patient. Safe techniques for activities like getting in bed and out of bed, bathing, going to the bathroom, using car, getting down and up in stares. The recovery varies from patients to patients, some may take few months to recover completely and some may take a little longer.

The patients will have a near to the normal range of motion and adequate strength as they used to have before the surgery. For young, healthy patients the recovery is fast, weight-bearing is often allowed within the first week and normal walking may take by 4-6 weeks. It's important to continue to walk on a daily basis to further strengthen the hip muscles.

The patients can return to work depending on the activity that they have to do at work. Patients who work in a seated position, with limited walking, can return within 4 weeks from the time of surgery.

An exercise and walking program helps the patient to recover from surgery and do the daily activities easily. Driving of car and vehicles should be done only on approval of the doctor.


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