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Our Hospital Network has high quality hospitals that have been accredited by JCI and other international and domestic hospital accrediting authorities. Joint Commission International (JCI) the International division of JCAHO of USA , which is the gold standard and authority for accrediting hospitals for its standards, patient safety, compliance, and training have accredited many of our network hospitals and conduct periodic inspections and reviews of these hospitalsThese hospitals have equipment, facilities, doctors ,staff and quality of care comparable too hositals in the USA or Europe.

Some of them have five star facilities and comforts that you may rarely find in US hospitals. Many of the network hospitals have doctors that are trained and experienced in USA or UK. As often as possible these hospitals will provide you doctors that have medical education in USA or Europe or have worked in US or EU hospitals to enhance the comfort level of patient communication and understanding. But, there are highly reputed locally trained doctors who can provide you exceptional services and are sometimes the best. In our Hospital Network we have many hospitals which are ISO 9001 and 9002 certified . Your case manager will provide you with detailed information about the hospitals, doctors information and resumes before you select the hospital. For a virrtual tour of the hospitals, watch the hospital videos in our video gallery.

Joint Commision International

JCI is a not-for-profit organization focused on improving the safety of patient care through the provision of accreditation and certification services as well as through advisory and educational services aimed at helping organizations implement practical and sustainable solutions. JCI accreditation and certification is considered as an International Quality measurement system for hospitals. More than 220 public and private health care organizations in 33 countries have been accredited by JCI. JCI provides accreditation for hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, clinical laboratories, care continuum services, medical transport organizations, and primary care services, as well as certification for disease or condition specific care. JCI standards were developed by international health care experts and set uniform, achievable expectations. Read more about JCI at While you are at the destination hospital your travel companion may take advantage of the trip by undergoing medical treatments, medical checkups or tour bookings at a discounted price. Please ask your case manager for available facilities for your companion. Many of our customers use this discount opportunity to book cosmetic, dental or wellness treatments for their travel companions. Often both the customer and companion undergo major medical treatments in the same trip.


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